Islam Not against Western Education, Says, Taawun Leader, Molaasan

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Wednesday Jan.
11-Jan 17, 2015


Islam Not
against Western Education, Says, Taawun Leader, Molaasan


By Olaolu Bilal.

National President, Jamaatu
Taawunil Muslimeen (JTM), Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan has declared that Islam as
a religion is not opposed to the idea of Muslims acquiring Western Education. He
made the declaration at the 16th National Conference of the Jamatu Taawunil Muslimeen
(JTM), held recently in Iwo
Osun State.


Education Has its Origin in Islam

According to Sheikh Molaasan,
Muslims should not shun Western Education because Islamic civilization was the
first to make inroad into Nigeria.
He said at that time, Muslims were learning all the subjects that are being taught
in schools today. Students learnt biology, mathematics and other subjects. The
first person to write about the Algebra mathematical system is was a Muslim. In
law and jurisprudence, Muslims were the first to have a written constitution.
Muslims were the first to establish a post office, we are telling people that
Islam did not frown at Western Education came from Islam he asserted.

He therefore, stressed the need to
remind people that these things were in place before the coming of the white
man and that what is called Western Education today emerged from Islamic civilization,
adding that what Muslims should avoid is westernized education, which he said develops
the mind, but does not inculcate spiritual values.

 The annual conference, the 16th edition since Taawun
was founded some 21 years ago has as its theme: Nigerian Muslims; Past, Present,
Future Perspective. And it was intended to orientate members about Islam and
also educate the general public on their duty towards the development of their community
and the country.

 Taawun was established 21 years ago, three years
after, we realized there was the need to bring our people together wherever they
are and educate them so that we can chart a common front while using the same avenue
to talk to the general public, including government. The national president

 According to Sheikh Molaasan, the Islamic organization
is devoted to the eradication of illiteracy, poverty, ignorance and the
resuscitation of spiritual consciousness among Muslims, the movement is a
unique one working to move the generation from backwardness to meaningful development
and it sets to liberate the oppressed Muslims Ummah.

The cleric stressed that in the present time, Muslims are no longer at
the forefront and that the setback came about because they failed to move
forward to the next level, as a result of not getting involved and lack of
adequate plans and programmes.


are very weak under the Present System

We are the majority in terms of
population. But minority resource-wise. If Muslims in Nigeria are 60 percent, it
follows that 60 percent of doctors in the country should be Muslims, but this
is not the case, ninety percent of doctors in Nigeria today are Christians, 90
percent of the lecturers in higher institutions are Christians, more that 70 percent
of the people who find employment in this country today are Christians.

But you find higher population of Muslims at the motor parks as drivers
and bus conductors, as hawkers of satchet water, vulcanizers; people on the
street generally. Therefore, the present arrangement is not in favour of
Muslims and we need to get out of our present situation that has come about because
of poor planning on our part, He said Muslims in the country should as a matter
of course work themselves out of their current predicament and start charting a
new course. According to Molaasan, they must begin to participate in what is
going on in the country and the world today if they dont want to be left
behind in the scheme of things. They must go to school and be in politics. Muslims
should know they needed both Islamic and Western Education.

He appealed for help and support from
well-meaning individuals, groups and organizations for the propagation of
Taawunus goal and also enjoined the people of Osun State
to continue to support the government in its stride to transform the state into
a move prosperous society.

Has Done Well: Aregbesola.

Of Osun State, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, who was the guest of honour at the event, commended
the effort of the organization at uplifting the intellectual and spiritual capacities
of the people through its various programmes. Taawun is doing well, though they
are confronted by many challenges, but they have tried. And the kind of effort
they are making is what is needed under the present situation we find ourselves.
The governor said. He added that anyone who cannot see the goodness in what the
organization is doing may not be called a good Muslim. Governor Aregbesola stressed
that religion is not violence, but making effort to do the Will of Allah. He
said he had herd a lot of rumour about the organization, wondering how as
Islamic organization that has established 32 schools and several hospitals to
cater for the needs of the people would be tagged violent. What I knoe about
Taawunu is that they are encouraging human beings to become better, that is
what I see them doing.    


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