In every community, there is work to be done and in every nation, there are wounds to be healed. But when community sees no work to be done or nation sees no wound to be healed, then such community and nation must find a cure to their injured hearts.

There is no iota of doubt to the fact that the Muslims are sick. They are sick intellectually to apply wisdom where they supposed to; they are sick to know when to jettison their persona problem to achieve a common goal; and they are sick of directive and when to utilize their numerical value of strength.

One would expect Muslims to think along with Islam why because the map of the earth and its directive are divinely designed by One who owns them. This means, whatever is being prophesized will surely be fulfilled and whenever they fail to work as Ummah along with Islam, the consequences will be severed.

According to Islam, in the next five or six years to come, some nations would rise and another would fall why because the LAST PROMISE is coming to be fulfilled. For it to be so, nations and their people would be put to test and tremble and whoever owns the affairs of nation or the mantle of nation’s leadership of where they reside would surely tell how safe are they as Muslims.

In regards to that, it would never sound well for Muslims to associate themselves with a friend of their enemy come 2019 as they go to poll to decide the faith of their nation.

Atiku might be Muslim but he belongs to the camp of Mossad where the CAN also belong. So when they are to decide and chose who is best to pilot the affairs of their nation, their vote must never be divided as it was done in Osun

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