It is another year and another historic event will be unfolded as people gather
across all six geo-political zones that give birth to Nigeria for 19th Annual
National Conference of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen to discuss the bearing of
Islam in Nigeria.

As its theme sounds, “… so that Burma tragedy will not
repeat itself…”, it is to prepare our minds; awake our souls and sharpen our
memory to see beyond the horizon and prepare ahead to avert what might become
of us if what needed to be done are left undone.

As of today, Islam in Nigeria is in focus and for every
Muslim that studies how things are going around the world, he would know there
is need for our gathering, to discuss and to know where we are going as
Nigerian Muslims.

The tragedy that befell ROHINGYA MUSLIMS, the old YUGOSLAVIA
and CENTRAL AFRICAL REPUBLIC must never repeat itself in Nigeria. But how do we
go about it? That is why we must gather and discuss and the reason you must be
present at this annual event in Iwo.

It begins today, and ends on 31st December, 2017.

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