In the beginning of Islam, nothing was known. Through Prophet's research on the right path, he found Allah
and Islam and from there, nation was raised and structure of Islam was
established for more than 800 years.  Which means for this Ummah to be developed and
for its dismantled structure to be reborn, there is need for us (Muslims) to
invest on research.



As a focused and mission oriented
Islamic organization, another research centre, known as
Daarul Hijrah
Women Research Centre
would be inaugurated on October 21, 2018 at
Daarul-Hijirah, Ta’awun village, Iwo, State of Osun by 10am.

The mission is to establish a
power house and form a spinal cord for a peaceful and developed nation.  This is the Islam we believe in as Ta’awun organization-
the Islam that touches all human life.

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