This question arises in the minds of the
people, during any discussion on religion or world affairs. Muslim stereotypes
are perpetuated in every form of the media accompanied by gross misinformation
about Islam and Muslims. In fact, such misinformation and false propaganda
often leads to discrimination and acts of violence against Muslims.

Oxford Dictionary describes the word terrorism as: the use of violent actions
in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act. The word
terrorism was first coined in 1790′s during the French Revolution. The years
1793 and 1794 were called as The Reign of Terror or Years of Terror.

During these years Maximilin Robespierre guillotined thousands of innocents. He
arrested more than 500,000 out of which he executed 40,000. More than 200,000
were deported and more than 200,000 were starved and tortured to death in the
prisons.Today there is a statement, which is being repeatedly bombarded,
especially in the western media and that statement is, All Muslims are not
Terrorist, but all Terrorist are Muslims. But here are the historical records
on terrorist attacks that speak a different picture:19th century We hardly
find any terrorist attacks done by Muslims.

1881 Tsar Alexander was assassinated in a Bomb Blast. He was traveling in a
bulletproof carriage in St. Pietersburg Street. The first bomb kills innocent
21 bystanders. The second bomb killed him while he was stepping out of the car.
He was killed by Ignacy Hryniewiecki. He was Anarchists.

1886 Bomb Blast at Haymarket Square, Chicago, during a labour rally. 12
people were killed; one among them was a policeman. Seven policemen were
injured and they died in the hospital. The people responsible were 8 Anarchists
all of them were non-Muslims.

6 September 1901 The US President, William McKinley, was shot twice by an
Anarchist named Leon Czolgosz. He was a non-Muslim.

1 October 1910 Bomb blast in Los Angeles at Times newspaper building. 21
were killed. The blast was done by 2 Christians named James and Joseph. They
were union leaders.

28 June 1914 Archduke of Austria and his wife were assassinated which
precipitated the World War I. The members of Young Bosnia assassinated them
most of them were Serbs. They were non-Muslims.

16 April 1925 Bomb Blast in St. Nedelya Church in Sofia, the capital of
Bulgaria. 10,050 were killed and 500 injured. This was the biggest terrorist
attack that was done on the soil of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Communist Party did
it. They were non-Muslims.

9 October 1934 King Alexander I of Yugoslavia was assassinated by a gunman
by the name of Vlada Georgieff. He was a non-Muslim.

1 May 1961 First US plane to be hijacked was not done by a Muslim. It was
done by Ramierez Ortiz.

28 August 1968 The US Ambassador to Guatemala was assassinated by a

30 July 1969 The US Ambassador to Japan was knifed by a Japanese

3 September 1969 US Ambassador to Brazil was kidnapped by a non-Muslim.

19 April 1995 The famous attack of the Oklahoma Bombing in which a truck
loaded with bombs ran into the federal building of Oklahoma, in which 166 were
killed and 100 were injured. Initially in the press it came as Middle East
Conspiracy. Later on they came to know that it was done by two Christians
named Timothy and Terry.

After World War II

After World War II from 1941 to 1948, the Jewish Terrorists conducted 259
terrorist attacks.

22 July 1946 The famous bombing of King David Hotel was conducted under the
leadership of Menachem Begin. 91 were killed, out of which 28 were British, 41
Arabs, 17 Jews and 5 others. The Ignun group dressed up as Arabs to show as
though the Muslims did this bombing. Menachem Begin was called terrorist number
one by the British government. Later on after a few years Menachem Begin the
terrorist number one became the Prime Minister of Israel & got a Noble
Prize for Peace. Imagine a person who was a terrorist number getting a Noble
Prize for Peace. Menachem Begin and others were fighting to get a Jewish state.
Before 1945 Israel did not exist in the World Map. These Jewish group were
fighting for a Jewish state and later on with the power they kick the
Palestinian out and now the same people are calling the same Palestinian who
are fighting for a more just cause for getting their land back. And the
Israelis label them today as Terrorist.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews. The Palestinians welcome the Jews. Later on the
Jews kick the Palestinians out of their own land and when the Palestinians are
fighting to get their land back they are labeled as Terrorists. It is like I
welcome a stranger in my house. After a few days that person throws me out of
my house and when I shout out side my house that I want my house back, you call
me a Terrorist.

In Germany from 1968 1992, Baader Meinhoff Gang killed several innocent
human beings.

In Italy, Red Brigades kidnapped and killed Aldo Moro, the former Prime
Minister of Italy.

20 March 1995 Aum Shinrikyo a Buddhist Cult used Nerve Gas in the Tokyo
Subway in which 12 people were killed and 5700 were wounded and injured.

IRA (The Irish Republican Army)

In UK since hundred years IRA (The Irish Republican Army) is conducting
Terrorist attacks against UK. They are Catholics. But are never called as
Catholic Terrorist. In 1972 IRA conducted 3 bomb blasts. In the first blast 7
were killed, in second blast 11 were killed and in the third 9 were killed.

In 1974 IRA conducted two bomb blasts. First at Guildford Pub in which 5 were
killed and 44 injured; second at the Birmingham Pub which killed 21 and injured

In 1996 IRA conducted bomb blast in London in which 2 persons were killed and
more than were 100 injured. In the same year IRA conducted bomb blast in
Manchester shopping center in which 206 people were injured.

On 1 August, 1998, the Banbridge bomb blast took place. The IRA planted 500
pound of bomb, which was loaded in a car where 35 people were injured.

On 15 August, 1998, Omagh bomb blast took place. IRA planted 500 pound of
bomb in a car where 29 people were killed and 330 injured.

On the 4 March, 2001, the BBC was bombed by IRA.

The IRA is never called as Catholic Terrorist. Today the UK government is
more afraid of Muslim terrorist. Today Tony Blair is more afraid of the Muslim
terrorists than IRA who is conducting terrorist attacks for more than a
hundred years. Why?

In Spain and France ETA conducted 36 terrorist attacks. In Africa there are
many terrorist organisations. But the most notorious is the Lords Salvation
Army; a Christian terrorist organisation in Uganda. They train young children
to commit terrorist attacks.

In Sri Lanka, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) is the most notorious.
It is the most violent terrorist organisation in the world. They are experts in
suicide bombings and they even train children to take part in suicide bombings.

Normally people know Palestinian suicide bombings, Iranian suicide bombing, but
they dont know that LTTE are people who have popularized to suicide bombings.
The LTTE i.e. Tamil tigers, they are Hindus.

In India majority of the terrorist attacks are talked about the Kashmiri
militants. In India there are terrorist organization belonging to almost all
different religions. We have Sikh terrorist, the Bhindranwala in Punjab. If
you go to South Asian Terrorism portal run by Non-Muslims, and if you see the
list of terrorist attacks done by all the people, you will find the Muslims in
a minority. But that is never highlighted in the media.

On 5 June, 1984, the Indian Security Forces took over the Golden Temple in
which 100 people were killed. In retaliation on 31 October, 1984, Prime
Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh security guard. In Tripura
there are Christian terrorist organizations called ATTF (All Tripura Tiger
Force) and NLFT (National Liberation Front of Tripura). On the 2 October, 44
Hindus were killed by these Christian terrorists.

In Assam we have ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam). ULFA in the 16 years
from 1990 to 2006 has conducted successfully 749 confirmed terrorist attacks.
The ULFA will put the Kashmiri militants to shame. But in the newspapers we
only hear of Kashmiri militant. Why? The ULFA are trained to kill the Muslims,
they are Hindus. How many times do we hear about them?The maximum terrorist
attacks, which have been done in India, are done by the Maoists. Only in Nepal,
in the past 7 years they have conducted 99 terrorist attacks. According to the
Indian Government out of 600 districts in India Maoists are present in 150
districts of India. They have done terrorist attacks in one-third part of
India. The Maoists are the biggest dangers to India but yet the Indian
Government is afraid of the Muslim terrorist. Why? The Times of India, edition
dated 9 September, 2006, reported that 875 rockets and 30 launchers were
confiscated by the police. It is the biggest haul in the history of India that
the government has confiscated.

From all these things we can surely say that Terrorism is not a Muslim
Monopoly. Not a Muslim monopoly, it is not even a specialty of the Muslims. It
is not even encouraged by Islam. The Holy Quran says in Sura Maidah, chp.5,
verse.32, that If anyone kills any human being, except as a punishment for
murder or creating mischief in the land, it will as though he had killed the
entire humanity. Most of the religions dont preach that you should kill
innocent human being. Terrorism is not the monopoly of any religion.

The human being who has killed the maximum people is Adolf Hitler. Hitler incinerated
6 million Jews. He was Christian. Joseph Stalin (Uncle Joe) killed 20 million
human beings; including 14.5 million were starved to death. Mao Tse Tsung of
China killed 14 to 20 million human beings. He was Non Muslim. Benito Mussolini
of Italy killed 400,000 human beings. Maximilin Robespierre during the French
revolution starved and tortured 200,000 people to death and executed 40,000
people. Ashoka in one battle of Kalinga alone killed more than 100,000 people.
He was a Hindu.

Saddam Hussein killed a few 100 thousands people. But the embargo put by George
Bush and the USA alone killed more than half a million Iraqi children. In
Indonesia, Muhammad Suharto killed 500,000 people.

This is nothing compared to Hitler or uncle Joe nothing compare to Mao TSE sung
each individual will put the Muslims to shame. I am not trying to say that
these individual they were religious. If they would have religious then they
would not have committed such acts. But yet we find in the international media
that the Muslims are called as fundamentalist, extremists and terrorists. The
American Revolution took place in the 19th century. According to the British
Government the terrorist No. 1 that time was Benjamin Franklin and George

Solution to terrorism

Politicians should be honest and just and should not do wrong things for the
vote bank.

Innocent Indian citizens should not be instigated by the politicians and kill
other human beings. Police should be upright and just and protect the innocent.
They should not be ploy of the politicians. I know that there are times that
they can be transferred. But if every policeman in India is honest, the new
policemen who are transferred will also be honest. So what will the politicians

People should not take the law in their hand and kill other human being.

Mahatma Gandhi said, If India has to improve it should be ruled by a dictator
as honest and upright as Hadrat Umar (The Caliph of Islam).

Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson said, People who worry that nuclear weaponry will one
day fall in the hands of the Arabs, they fail to realize that the Islamic bomb
has already been dropped, it fell the day Prophet MUHAMMED (pbuh) was born

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