Gathering has become the nature of all human beings. It has become a means of
survival and attainment of greatness. In human life, different people gather
for different purposes. It might be for good or the opposite. Above all, across
the world, people gathered to discuss on what matter most to them.

Since the world keeps moving around its orbit and nations
continue to undergo different changes and subjecting to different actions and
reactions with no one certain about its end products, every one of those
countries that values the greatness of her nation, gathers together to access
and discuss about her future, to know what it holds. This is because everybody
wants to live and live great and no one is ready to be subordinate of others.

If this is how others think, how then do Muslims excogitate?
What do they gather for and what are their main issues of discuss? As
conferences, camps and different gatherings spring up across the country, how
are these gatherings/conferences channeled towards the goal of Islam?

Remember, while Muslims (of Nigeria) have continued to
remain unorganized, their Christian counterparts-under a strong leadership have
had a lot of structures (schools: standard Nursery and Primary; Secondary;
College of Education as well as some other Colleges; Universities and of
Advanced Studies, hospitals/medical facilities, etc.).

At the period when government institutions and establishments
(that is, structures) continue to decrease in value, nature and standard, the
Christians on the other hand, have started creating alternatives which are
better by far when compared with the government to establish themselves while
their Muslims counterpart are left to patronize the deteriorating Government
establishments because there is no Muslim/Islamic power or institution or
leadership that will provide them with alternatives. What types of products do
you think the two will produce and how then can Islam be spread and well

Although, we might not think in the same way when we are
gathering or organizing our camps/conferences, but our problems are the same
because we live in the same country, Nigeria.

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