When looking at the past of
Muslims and their present, the period when they were making advancement,
expansion of land and development in knowledge, and compare it with the present
period of ours, where everything remains standstill without any move for its
progress, anyone with right thinking mind would conclude that there is no other
solution than for Muslims to come back to Islam and protect it. But that
protection can only come when Muslims make good use of available media to project
it and let people see its beauty practically and theoretically.



This was made known yesterday by
the founder and national president of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Daood
Imran Molaasan at a day certificate training course on online reporting skills
organized yesterday (18/11/2018) at Daarul-Hijirah, Ta’awun Village, Iwo by
Islamic centre for research and human development in collaboration with a trained
online Senior reporter,  Wasiu Oluwatope
Alabi, of the NTA Television College, Jos, Nigeria.



In his lecture Oluwatope Alabi
advised the trainees to always be updated. He encouraged them to use the social
media to share their thoughts, views and positive thinking about Islam to
millions of people around the world on social media.


“ It is an act of stinginess when
we cannot give what we have.  There are
messages we want to pass and that messages are not meant for us alone to
digest. So, why are we restricting them?  Millions of people are waiting for our messages
to benefit from and it is when we share them on social media that the messages
can be spread across. This is what we need as Muslims who value the importance
of media” he said.



Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, in
his address, encouraged individual Muslim using social media, Muslim
journalists and other Muslim media organizations to beam their searchlight on
rebirth of Islamic structures.



 “The present Nigeria structure is deteriorating
and those who brought us the structure have begun to create another alternative
(the private ones) with aim that if this present structure, the one Muslims use
and rely on to make a living finally collapse (may Allah forbid), they will
have where to migrate to and the Muslims will be left with no other option than
to collapse with the structure or migrate to where they do not belong and live
a painful life.



With this, there is need for our
media, to beam their searchlight on why there is need for rebirth of Islamic
structure if Muslims are to avoid a painful experience” he explained.

The certificate of participant
was later awarded to the trainees.      


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