The truth of the matter shall come to pass and the denier of the truth will see with their naked eyes what they detest and never wish to happen. Democracy is never the first system of governments. Many have come before it but they are no more in existence. Our system of government today is democratic in name but autocratic in reality. 
One ruler or a small group of leaders have the real power in authoritarian political systems. Authoritarian governments may hold elections and they may have contact with their citizens, but citizens do not have any voice in how they are ruled. Their leaders do not give their subjects free choice. They do not follow majority decision. Citizens, then, are subjects who must obey, and not participants in government decisions. Is there any different between this and our so called democracy? NO!
We have been told about this period. As a Muslim we understand the stages we are in and the one about to come. Since 1924 we have been in this mess though it did not just happen is what had been programmed by Almighty Allah. The next phase of the prophecy will surely put an end to democracy and replace with a new system that will abolish nationalism, give hope to the hopeless and establish justice in the land.
Office of the Ameer
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