I wonder, what great would have become of this nation if Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the first Prime Minister of Nigeria before and after Nigerian independence and his mentor Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the then Premier of Northern Nigeria were not assassinated.

Who knows how effective, Yar Adua’s 7 point agenda would have been in taking the nation to greater heights if probably he lives longer? But it was a great surprise that the man who was hale and healthy during his 8 years in office as governor of Kastina State was unable to spend two years as President. It seems it has become the custom of this nation that every righteous ones who has passion for the great of this nation with a symbol of Islam, does not always have good ending.

What has Jonathan done apart from creating room for corruption, supporting the state of Israel by entrusting her with Aso Rock security and allowing churches to flourish and acquire sophisticated weapons? Yet all these are not seen as great sins of Jonathan and the media was neither crucified him nor the then CAN President who was involved in $9.3m Arms Deal except Buhari who his only sin can be attributed to his being Muslim as being alleged by the Christian body (CAN) before and after his election.

What other offence has Buhari committed to deserve being poisoned? Why must he be pulled down by all means and subjected to different accusations and criticisms? How can Nigeria’s wrongs of many years be corrected in the twinkling of an eye? It seems the nation has reached its elastic limit with its current state and the level at which the crusaders are getting prepared against 2019 election with anti Islam song on their heads.

If nothing good can be seen in whatever Buhari does because of his Islam, the man the CAN itself believes to be righteous, how then can Nigerian Muslims have trust in any candidate supported by Christian? In a nutshell, the CAN with its Islamic hatred has created a wider gap and ignited what might lead to religious crisis in Nigeria if care is not taken.
Muslims are also ready and waiting for what 2019 will bring.
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