Everyday day has its own story and the language it speaks which can only be
comprehended by those that understand its path and know its map. To us, we have
started well and its fruit will be productive as we mark the end of day 2
programmes at the ongoing National conference of the Jama’at Ta’awunil
Muslimeen that is taking place in Iwo, the National headquarters of the
organisation, under the doyen of Islamic scholars, Sheikh Daood Imran

In his first morning digest, the Ameer of the organisation, stressed and
made it known that the dawah which the Prophet Muhammad practised was done
within the Jamah under a leader who understands kitab (Quran) and sunnah,
science of the current affairs and the challenges on the field of dawah.

He proceeded to explain that among the diseases of the heart confronting
caller to the path of Allah are: negative rigidity of someone on an issue or
issues relating to one’s religion, hypocrisy, selfish interest, craving for
leadership power among others.

He capped it by saying, for anyone to succeed on the field of dawah, the
Prophet’s life and how to apply it must be understood.

Ustadh Abdul Lateef Abdul Hammed, while speaking on “replicating the sincerity
and methodologies of dawah of Prophet Muhammad, he maintained that for one
one’s work to be accepted, sincerity of purpose and practise according to the
methodologies of the Prophet must be met. After this, people were left to have
their breakfast and go to classes where spiritual diets were taken until zuri

From zuri to ashr, everybody was allowed to make good useful of their time,
to interact, sleep or chart with one another. During this leisure time, Radio
Taawun was live to disseminate information, entertain and educate the

After the ashr prayer, people were asked to gather at lecture field and the
lecture was delivered by Sheikh Yahkub Abdul Baaqi Muhammad, the mogaji of
Sheikh Abdul Baaqi Muhammad on “problems on the field of dawah” and at the same
time, another one was organised for Ta’awun teachers to bring their minds back
to the purpose why Ta’awun schools were established.

After the mogrib prayer, the lecture of ustadh Daood Abdul Rasheed (Abu
Malik), the Prime minister of this year conference followed and sealed today’s
activities with five problems (problem of mind, shayton, selfishness, proudness
and disobedience of Allah ) battling ones to be true Muslims.

May Allah count it as an act of ibadah.

We will meet tomorrow morning for live streaming of Ameer’s lecture.


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