humans and other complex multi-cellular organisms have systems of organs that work
together, carrying out processes that keep human alive. Which means the body as
a complete system has levels of organization (Cells make up tissues,
tissues make up organs, and organs make up organ systems) that
build on each other before it was made to be functioned.
Democracy as a system would not have
survived if politicians are not alive and government structures are not put in
place to give it shape or structure. Let assume there was no government
secretariats,  no government schools, no
hospitals no construction of roads, water and other social services provided by
the government to the people, no one would have recognized Democracy as a
system. But as a result of these structures and the services rendering,
everybody sees the system as a means to achieve and become great in life.

This means democracy only exists as a
result of its services, structures and the people (politicians). Which means, if
Muslims really want Islam to live, grow and develop, there is need for Physical structures establishment and Muslims
to be ideologically united before
Islam can be set in motion.

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