There is nothing wrong with this world but the people there in are wicked and if you are not strong enough in prayer they will put you down and end your dream. But if you can allow them to continue perpetrating their evil deeds without putting up any challenge then, you are safe from their havoc.
When trying to make things normal and give hope to the hopeless people, that is when you are challenging their authority. They are people like us but living in different world. What matter most to them is POWER and they will do anything to have it even if they have to sacrifice their relatives. These are the people we call leaders and many keep praising them. I really pity my people.
Everything is the same everywhere only those who are ignorant and fool will deny this. That is the world we are challenging, we only pity those who are fools but always think they are wise. 21 years on the struggle we will never be distracted until the voice of the hopeless is heard loud and clear.
Office of the Ameer
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