It marks another history as call for Palestinian freedom and statehood
continues to grow in Nigeria. The Nigerian Friends of Palestine, under the
leadership of Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, the founder and national President
of Ta'awun Movement , in its struggle to make the voice of Palestinian heard
across the country, troop out in thousands today (16/12/2018) to stage pro-Palestinian.

The rally which took place in Iwo, State of Osun, South West
Nigeria, was organized to create awareness and sensitize Nigerians on why there
is need for global support for Palestinian statehood.

The visitation was made to the paramount Ruler of Iwoland,
the Emir of Yorubas, King Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, who in his speech
encouraged the organizer not to relent in its call for Palestinian freedom.

As a kind of this great land, we are part of Palestinian
struggle and I will continue to give Palestine the supports it needs until
victory is achieved.

The Wazeri of Yorubaland, Sheikh Yaqoob Abdul Baaqi
Muhammad, encouraged the people of Palestinne to be steadfast in their struggle
and promised that Nigeria would never forget them.

Sheikh Muslim Muqadam Hussein, the Chief Missioner,
Islahudeeen Missionary Association of Nigeria, in his address, called on human
right activists in Nigeria to always stand and speak for Palestinians freedom.
He also prayed to Almighty Allah to grant them victory against Israeli.

The founder, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, while addressing
the group, he said, “what we are doing today is a victory match. It will
continue until Palestinian flag flies in Jerusalem and in all occupied land of
Palestine. One needs not be Muslims but human before he supports Palestinian
struggle for liberation

“Being the only colonized region on earth, the struggle for
its liberation has become a mainstream global civic rights activism which
anyone who believes in global justice cannot stand against.

“As it stands today, the struggle for its liberation, apart
from being a civic right, it is also an obligatory for all Muslims. We will not
relent until victory or statehood is achieved for Palestinian. We are with you
and we will continue to support your struggle.

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