The most dangerous people in Islam are the Al-Khawarij (It is a group that is involved in the disruption of the unity of the Muslims)). They have existed since the very early period of Islam and they will continue to cause strife in the Muslim nation until the end of the time. We must be aware of their ideology and characteristics in order to protect ourselves from being misled and their destructive bahaviour.
The Kharijites earned their name (from the root kh-ra-ja meaning to go out of deen) because they exited Islam and the Muslim community due to their heretical innovations. They will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats, meaning it will not enter their hearts and they will not understand it.
Declaring Muslims to be unbelievers.
Rejecting lawful obedience to the rulers.
Justifying violence against Muslims and innocent people
The correct Islamic belief is that no Muslim can become an unbeliever due to his sins alone but the Kharijites charge other Muslims with unbelief due to their sins or perceived sins in order to justify their merciless and criminal behavior towards them
True Muslims have mercy upon the entire creation, including unbelievers and idolaters, but the Kharaijites have no mercy for those outside their group. They declare other Muslims to be unbelievers by misinterpreting and misapplying the verses of the Quran.
The Kharijites believe their opinions regarding leadership, government, politics, and the Sharia is the only valid opinion in Islam and whoever disagrees with them becomes an unbeliever. However, the truth is that much of these matters are left open to interpretation and consultation among the Muslims.
In fact, the Prophet commanded us to distinguish between the rule of Allah and the rule of people and not to claim our opinions are the rulings of Allah. Yet the Kharijites, who make no such distinction, will tag other Muslims who disagree with their views as Kafir. In fact, the Kharijites do not simply declare Muslims to be unbelievers but rather call for violent rebellion against entire Muslim societies.
Regarding Muslim rulers, the correct Islamic belief is that we must obey them in all lawful matters. We should only disobey them if they command us to commit sins and we may not call for a violent overthrow of their governments as long as they allow the prayer. Umm Salamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: There will be rulers from whom you will see both goodness and corruption. One who recognizes their evil and hates it will maintain his innocence, but one who is pleased with it and follows them will be sinful.
In general, Muslims must work to reform societies through non-violent methods such as teaching, preaching, and charity. The Lajamaa and other innovations charging Muslim leaders, Muslim societies and anyone who does not support their view with unbelief are part of the problems this Ummah would encounter according to saying of the Prophet(s.a.w)
There will be toward the end of the time, a people who will say to you what neither you nor your forbears ever heard before. Beware of them least they misguide you and bring you confusion
They recite quran and consider It in their favour but it is against them

culled from the message of Islam published by Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan.
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