We Are On Mission To Take Islam To A Greater Height

In life, everybody with different mission and goal; majorly, people care about their personal life than anything else but many of those that record their names in the book of history, even apart from Muslim scholars never work for personal goal. They were aimed to rescue the masses, to liberate the oppressed people in the society.
Our Islam and the one we understand teaches us about the people. It penetrates all facets and domains of life; the individual, social, political and economics. Contrary to secular philosophies, the will of the Creator cannot be marginalized to being an insignificant component of life that many Muslims view of Islam presently. Islam is comprehensive and touches all aspects of life. 
I think Muslim should redesign the definition given to Islam in a comprehensive form. They should try to understand Islam as DEEN instead of calling it a RELIGION, may be that will bring back the old memory they have lost. Islam has its map and its path is known to whoever Allah wishes and not all can understand its pathway. But we must all come together to take part in its struggle.
Al-Ummah College Of Education is progressing; gradually we are moving, step by step Islam is progressing and the city of Iwo is developing.
Ameer Taawun
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