The War We Must Fight-Ameer

Though, we are not fighting any war and no open war was declared against us apart from
the war of words against those accusing Muslim of Islamising what they have
already Christianised. Yet there is undeclared war ongoing, waging against
Muslims and the rise of Islam which we are not taking cognisance of, but many
Muslims, Islamic scholars, Muslim homes have been destroyed and perished because
of it.

Little realises that the environment we find ourselves in has a highly hypnotic effect
on us and our dawah. The way it is
shaped, structured, and model is really affecting our sense of reasoning.
Everything that surrounds us is a death trap to shoot us down while taking the
rise and capture our future generation by destroying their foresight and
remodelling their thinking about Islam to the taste of the crusaders and their


war kills not by shielding blood but by killing the spiritual light in Muslims’
hearts which needed for their growth and development. What we see, hear listen
to and watch are all products of enemies of Islam because we live in a society
governed and policed by them. How then will Islam grow and how can we secure
the future for our children with solders of enemies hanging every corner to gun
them down?



is not a war an individual can fight and win. It requires our collective
efforts. What needs to be changed is structural outlook of this society. It
needs to be remodelled with Islamic structure and it is a very serious matter. Until
that is done, nobody will rise with this silence war ongoing.  

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