Not all people of this present age will understand Nigeria better than those
who have best understanding of what preceded it before Nigeria became what it
is. Those we voted for and elected can only understand the little they are made
to know when they are in government. This is because, Nigeria as a country was
not their made but the product of colonial masters, the Christian missionary
(who came along with them) and the negotiators of Nigeria independence.

and Christianity, we can hardly separate them. Both are of the same ideology.
Christianity was ideological shock troops (formation created to lead an attack)
for colonial invasion and their target was Islam and economy. This did not only
happen in Nigeria but all nations that fought the crusaders during the

thing needs to be cleared; the politics in Nigeria today was introduced after
the independence. Before then, it was the British and the Christian
missionaries that were in charge of all our affairs. And before the
independence was given, no one could tell the bargain reached. We only saw that
the political power was given to the North due to their population while
Christian missionaries and Christians in south Nigeria were handed over the
Nigeria economy and her education.

The British
did not encounter many challenges in the south when Nigeria was invaded. The
much encountered they had was from the Northern Muslims who had been under the
tutelage of Islamic civilisation and did not want to surrender to any colonial
rule until their leader, Muhammad Attahiru 1, (the last independent Sultan of
Sokoto before the caliphate was taken over ) was assassinated.

Nigeria independence was decided base on secret negotiation which was known to
the group in question and during that period, Christian missionaries had taken
over what might be called the jewel of the nation. Those we might say abhorred
to colonial mission like Tafawa Balewa, Ahamdu Bello were later assassinated.

conflict of interest, to protect my region and religion arose which led to
different coups that were staged in Nigeria of which during that time Nigeria
had not matured to be on her own which led to the involvement of foreign
intelligence agencies like MI6 (Military Intelligence number 6 ) of Britain,
CIA of America and MOSSAD of Israel who assisted in all the coups which were
staged in Nigeria to protect their own interest, their religion, Christianity
and to ensure Nigeria maintain her sovereign state in name and not in economic

there is always a problem whenever Muslim who has contrary ideology with the
colonial power and can influence the foreign trade assumes the political power.
This is because through the instability of Nigeria economy and dependence on
foreign market, foreign aids and technology, they grow and make themselves rich
(those that decided and negotiated Nigeria independence) which conscious Muslim
will never succumb to.

The Muslim’s hatred is as a result of ideological conflict and clash of
civilisation that had occurred in the past. So there is no way colonial
enslavement and hegemonic idea will be welcomed by Muslims who witnessed to
their brutality and understood their mission when Nigeria was invaded.

if we keep talking about the government, don’t let us forget the secret
government that replaced Musa Yar Adua with Jonathan, the government that
poisoned Muhammad Buhari and believe not in growing Nigeria economy but trading
with foreign investors to feed the colonial factories and earn their own share.

is going on in Nigeria today is all about enslavement and freedom. Somebody is
leading the fight for Nigerian’s freedom which only sovereign in name and those
who took part in its enslavement see the fight as a means of taking away their
means of survival by someone who has conflicting ideology with theirs.

is the true picture of what is happening in Nigeria today. If they succeed,
enslavement continues and if they fail we might likely be free. But the fact
remains, we are still under colonial enslavement in Nigeria when we have not
yet be free from the agony of 1924.

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