(27/07/2017) at a gathering, held at Institute of Arabic and Islamic studies,
Daarul Hijirah Iwo, to pray and express dissatisfaction against the Israeli
brutalisation of Palestinians and violations of one of the most sacred sites in
Islam, Aqsah mosque (Muslim third holiest Mosque in Palestine), the founder and
National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan
has assured the Muslims that the Aqsah Mosque would be liberated.

He said
history has given Muslims hope that after hardship there would be ease.
“Knowing that after humiliation and defeat, there will be victory and
liberation insha Allāh. What is happening with Al-Aqsa today is a tragedy and
the heart is filled with pain. However, we must learn to view such tribulations
in a positive light.

“Had it not
been for tribulations, we would not have heroes, warriors and legends. Without
the tribulation of firawn, we would not have a Musa (‘alayhi salam); without the
tribulation of the Crusaders, we would not have a Salāhudīn; without the
tribulation of the Mongols, we would not have a Saif al-Dīn Qutuz and many more
noblemen, giants of Islam. Similarly, without the tribulation of the Zionist
occupation, we would not have those struggles for its liberation. So it is
certain that our Aqsah will be liberated” he affirmed.

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